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18 January 2020    Vanavond wordt het weer gezellig in de club. We zijn met elf heerlijke meiden.

Rooms in Sexclub Penthouse
There are nine rooms, each with its own atmosphere of a classic to modern decor. You can choose between a room with a shower, bath or a jacuzzi. Our VIP-room has a king size bed and bath so there is enough space to enjoy yourself with several ladies.



Penthouse Prive

We are open monday until saturday from 11 am - 7 pm .For more info please call us 0235260733 
You will not meet other visitors, so we can garanty your privacy.

www.penthouseprive.nl      info@penthouseprive.nl

Haarlem Exclusief Escort

For an exciting meeting at home or in your hotel.
Call 0235322822

www.haarlem-exclusief.nl     info@haarlem-exclusief.nl

Sexclub Penthouse

After 7 pm we are open as sexclub. 
Use the link for more information or call 0235322822

 www.seksclubpenthouse.nl     info@seksclubpenthouse.nl

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