12 December 2018    Vanavond laten Mariska, Kathy, Eva, Ashley, Melissa en Alina, je weer zinderen van genot, kom jij ook genieten? xxx tot zo! xxx
11 December 2018    Goedenavond, gezellig een avondje PENTHOUSE in plaats van voetbal. XXX
9 December 2018    Goedenavond lieve heren, vanavond zijn Ashley, Eve, Carolina, Whitney, Mariska, En Sasha aanwezig gezellig. XXX

Entrance € 20,= Including two drinks.

A room including one of our ladies  :

   1 hour room with shower  € 180,--
   1 hour room with a bath € 190,--
   1 hour room with Jacuzzi  € 200,--
   1 hour super-size room € 225,=

For our guests who want to pamper themselves, we advise the super-size room available with big whirlpool  and TV.
Cocktails and champagne in various prices can be ordered at the bar.

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Penthouse Prive

We are open monday until saturday from 11 am - 7 pm  and sunday from 12 am - 7 pm as a Private House. For more info please call us 0235260733 
You will not meet other visitors, so we can garanty your privacy.

www.penthouseprive.nl      info@penthouseprive.nl

Haarlem Exclusief Escort

For an exciting meeting at home or in your hotel.
Call 0235322822

www.haarlem-exclusief.nl     info@haarlem-exclusief.nl

Sexclub Penthouse

After 7 pm we are open as sexclub. 
Use the link for more information or call 0235322822

 www.seksclubpenthouse.nl     info@seksclubpenthouse.nl

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